Such stories are real!!!!

I am literally a worm of detective and crime series. Though my mother doesn't allow me to watch crime series as I am such a damn imaginative girl. From always I am adventurous but before yesterday I was not a witness of any crime. Yesterday I was going to a nearby grocery store with my … Continue reading Such stories are real!!!!


Ignorance isn’t Always Bliss…

Once, two of my friends were discussing about a certain fairy they'd seen atop the Victoria Memorial museum. One of them said that the fairy statue was still moving and the other argued that it wasn't as he had seen the statue in the same position since always. I was just expecting them to take … Continue reading Ignorance isn’t Always Bliss…

Mystery city…

  I have always felt the presence of an underlying mystery in this city ever since I came here. The narrow lanes, dark, musty bylanes ...the lazy, drowsy "taana" rickshaw pullers...the bright neon headings...sparkling five star hotels...the TMC flags hanging from every light post..the endless roads and the flowing Ganga...all seem to hold a deep … Continue reading Mystery city…


The City of Joy

After I cleared my class 10th examination. I came to Kolkata- "THE CITY OF JOY" to complete my¬† schooling and pursue my career. Before that I hadn't been to a metropolitan city. I was nervous and upset too as I came far away from my so close childhood friends. I remember the 1st question I … Continue reading The City of Joy


Ironical…is it??

Recently we friends met up for a reunion in a popular city mart and there we introduced ourselves to two American students. They are in India for a marketing survey and were out shopping out in the same mega mart. We were busy window shopping and discussing the price of the garments on display when … Continue reading Ironical…is it??