Someone said that people expect words. They expect motion, defense and expression. They expect fights, uproar and debates. They expect you to reply. Silence?? NO.

Whenever you are silent people around you will start anticipating things about you. They’ll think that maybe something is wrong with you and you’ve some great tragedy occurring in your life.

However, I believe that we feel more powerful when we are silent. Silence obviously doesn’t mean that we keep dumb and suppress our thoughts. Silence becomes immensely powerful when there is a clear flow of thoughts and ideas in our mind and at the same time there is some action going on in accordance with our ideas just as Pablo Neruda said in his poem, “Keeping Quiet”:

And now we will count to twelve, and we will all keep still

For once on the face of earth, let’s not speak in any language: Let’s stop for one second and not move our arms so much,

It would be an exotic moment…

-Love C


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