Let’s have a proper intro!

HELLO! I think almost all of you know that we three writers are running this blog. And many of you have asked the name of other two writers as u guyzz can only see a single name” ADIKA”. So, we have decided to give a proper intro.

SO ADIKA is a combination name created from our names- AHANA ,DIPANJANA, CHANDRIKA .


(from left to right- AHANA, DIPANJANA, CHANDRIKA)

WE three met during the last two years of our high school and soon became good friends. AND now we will be in college ; ofcourse in different colleges.

One fine day when we thought of starting a blog, we also decided to run the blog under a common name so we picked up ADIKA to be the one.

We really apologize because we didn’t give this proper intro before!!



18 thoughts on “Let’s have a proper intro!

  1. I don’t think there was an apology needed. But it of curiosity who wrote the post? I am just kidding. Because for a fact I don’t a proper introduction, and to even stress more I don’t even have a proper name. So, you guys are doing a much better job.

    Looking forward to reading more of (all of) your posts.

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