Let’s live:


Are we forgetting an important part of our life? Are we neglecting it?? let me ask you one more question.. When was the last time you felt the nature or saw the twinkling stars?

Even I had not seen them for a long time until recently, when I visited  my village home. The fresh air, the greenery, the clear blue sky , ducks in ponds – all these have life. I can’t express the feeling but it was much more than buying a branded watch or having dinner in a five star hotel.

I know you all are very busy but I want you all to feel the same eternal joy what I feel. So take out time from your busy schedule and just plan a trip even if it is small it will work.Or the least you can do is to go to your terrace in the evening and spend a little time..

Let me know if you are planning anything by reading this…




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