We all have grown up listening stories of our parents’ childhood, and how they missed it now. When i used to listen to those real stories as my bedtime stories i was pretty confident that this will not happen with me. But now i realize life is not about thinking or predicting. It’s totally  unpredictable. You have to keep moving.

For me friendship has a special meaning and i  really believe in true friendship may be because i am blessed with it (atleast i think so).



Now we are separating because of our higher studies. But thanks to the technology at-least we can keep in touch.

Don’t know when are we going to meet again but i know the joy of meeting after years will be priceless memory,. Because the peace u get with your childhood friends, the understanding – the space you share and the purity that lies there is totally unique and unquestionable…

It’s hard to have lots of good friend but if u have one you have everything. Because your friend can break any bars for you if it’s true friendship.



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