“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.”
― William Faulkner


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Years ago, when I was just 5 years old, and I remember my granddad waking me up in the morning to accompany him in his daily morning walk…I remember the misty mornings…the fresh air, the chirping birds as I went with him. It was a big lake side and granddad used to walk all the way round once..and while he walked I used to roam about the entire lakeside..throw pebbles in the lake and watch the ripples it created slowly fading by. And after that we returned home…and on the way dadu used to treat me to a big,foamy glass of cool ‘sattu’…

Image result for shadows on window panes at nightI remember the first night I went to sleep alone, in my room…I was just 7 then. After mom switched the lights off and left the room, I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling above. There was a faint light coming from the street lamps outside, which left a few yellow streaks in my room too…it felt spooky. The leaves of the neem tree just outside my room rustled as a faint breeze blew by…the shadows of those branches spreading out like hands moved and knocked against the glass panes…I started panicking in  fright. I lay absolutely still, lest the unseen, unheard guests discover my presence and pounce upon me if I moved. I must have broken into cold sweat and then shut my eyes tight…and may have fallen asleep…

Sometimes when I am lonely, I think about the days I have already lived. It’s true that the objects involved don’t exist anymore…my granddad expired a few years back and we don’t live in that house anymore, but reminiscing those days leaves a feeling.. a strange feeling of longing and satisfaction…satisfaction because I have those few old memories to bank on when I’m lonely…


Sitting by the fireside and retrospecting about the good old times
Memory is a strange thing
I could see it all, it felt so real

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Walked down the cobbled streets in a dreamy little town silenced by the night,
Canals lined by baroque structures and trees
Tiny twinkling minions of the sky lit up the sleepy world beneath,

I could hear a faint music from a distance
But the music faded away as I neared the outer periphery of the town
It started playing again and drew me towards it
I kept walking all night till the break of dawn, crossed rivers, valleys, cascades and foothills

Sat beside a lake as it glittered with the newborn rays of hope
Behold the village so serene, swathed in a thousand shades of green
Apple orchards, lilacs and daffodils
Balming thy eyes and a peaceful abode for the traveler’s restless spirit

I could hear the bell ring in the chapel
The music was playing still
Thought of resuming the pursuit again as I splashed the icy cold water on my face which drenched a million thoughts and made me forget where the music played…

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-Love C.