Being an Indian…


I have always been in awe of India and its diversity. I remember the day when years ago for the first time in my life I heard the tune of the national anthem in my kindergarten school assembly. I couldn’t have possibly made any head or tail of it.

I remember the first time I drew and coloured the tricolour flag in my art book; the blue chakra in the centre headed by saffron and followed by green. Years later, I was in for a surprise when I realised the significance of the colours on the national flag.


Growing up I realised there were a lot about our country that we didn’t know. It came to me as a sudden realization when one day a foreigner asked me to explain our national anthem to her. I stumbled to even make out the actual words; not as the way we sing it but as the way it’s written. Then I asked my friends if they knew. They didn’t either. Later on when i checked the lyrics i realised that we even pronounced it wrongly. And to say the least, I was hugely surprised to see that it was actually a poem.

Since then I have tried to know my country a bit more with each passing day. I have also realised that calling oneself an “Indian” is easy, but being an Indian…

-Love C