Just a thought..

I have a thought to share.  Being alone is painful. All of us, the human race in general, needs company. So the big fat book called the "Dictionary" came up with a word to validate the connections, FRIEND. But what if I went back to the time when there was no language, no words but … Continue reading Just a thought..



Someone said that people expect words. They expect motion, defense and expression. They expect fights, uproar and debates. They expect you to reply. Silence?? NO. Whenever you are silent people around you will start anticipating things about you. They'll think that maybe something is wrong with you and you've some great tragedy occurring in your … Continue reading Silence


       Guyzz don't stop yourself from dancing. It is one of the best way to express yourself...  KEEP DANCING AND LOVE YOURSELF>>> ---------------------------A


  We all have grown up listening stories of our parents' childhood, and how they missed it now. When i used to listen to those real stories as my bedtime stories i was pretty confident that this will not happen with me. But now i realize life is not about thinking or predicting. It's totally  … Continue reading Friendship:

Getting lined up

Queues are something Indians are most familiar with than anyone else in the world. Reason? Well life here revolves more around the queues than anything else. All of us hate it indiscriminately but still it refuses to let us go - be it at bill counters, ATM machines, hospitals, cinemas, sports arenas, getting into and out of flights/trains/buses - you name it, … Continue reading Getting lined up